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Free Home Inspection

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About Us

Who I Am

My name is Randy Stevens,and I am the owner of Tri R Inspection Services, LLC. I live in Southwest Fort Wayne with my wife and four children. For fun I love going on trips with my family and working out (even though I don't workout). 

My Experience

  • US Army
  • Residential Construction
  • Real Estate Salesperson
  • Home Inspector

Why You Should Refer Tri R

You should hire Tri R because we are consistent, available, flexible, friendly, and unbiased. 

Good To Know

We Are Not Alarming

We understand that not every home is perfect and sometimes things need to be explained and put into a logical perspective. That is why we are here to help educate your client on the condition of their future home.

Same Day Inspection Reports

We understand that speed and accuracy is a must in this industry. Therefore we will deliver our reports the same day!

Our Insurace Protects You

Our insurance protects the referring agent! We have purchased an endorsement on our insurance policy that protects the referring agent from something we have done.

Some Of Our Additional Services


Radon Monitoring

We partner with Radalink for our radon testing needs. We use electronic monitoring devices to provide quick and accurate results. 


Infrared Inspection

We use infrared technology in every home inspection at no extra cost to your client. We look for hidden moisture intrusion and overheating electrical issues.


Sewer Video Inspection

Main sewer lines in older homes can be problematic. We provide a video inspection of the main sewer line from the home to the city tap for an extra fee. We will not pull toilets.

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Free Home Inspection

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